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Great piece written by I CHOOSE BIRMINGHAM on the ROTUNDA 21 STORIES project.

This project was truly a piece of work and received awards for its execution. We decided this iconic building needed to be recorded as it changed into a new aspect of its life. It had survived for so long and stood as a symbol in the centre of Birmingham. Loved by many ages it had come to symbolise the city we love. After it was gallantly rescued form demolition by the sheer number of people who got involved we felt as artists we had to take a fitting set of images for it.

Arts Council England sponsored us over a year and a half to record its story. Not only the buildings but the many people involved. From the Birmingham bombings to the security guard who used to make battle field models whilst at work at night. We interviewed and shot the bricklayers from the original construction to the bank tellers who once worked there. 

We are still incredibly proud of the work and we are also proud of Birmingham. A magnificent vibrant city.

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