Nic self portrait sml.jpg

English born Nic Gaunt views his photography as an exercise in window dressing.  

Creating images in the viewfinder and then refining them post production to create highly finished pieces. Strong control of the image within his work is ultimately important, from lighting to composition to message.

 Influenced by Brian Griffin and Bob Carlos Clarke. Nic creates work that is both thought provoking and aesthetically stimulating to the viewer.

 Nic undertook his Photographic degree at West Surrey College of Art and Design. 

 He spent many years in the London music industry. Working for the likes of EMI, Virgin, Chrysalis records and Ministry of Sound. This is where he honed his hard hitting dynamic style.

 It became important during this period for him to be able to create one off images, which encapsulate a singular thought, whilst remaining powerful and captivating.

This led to a duality of technique, which is Fine Art led whilst retaining a degree of polished advertising core values.

 His work is unique, standing alone ultimately in a field of his own vision. He is keen that every image is created through new thought, and not just manufactured to the same repetitive styles. Using the subjects as a conduit to an end, the imagery often poses a surreal yet realistic overtone with an underlying sexual tension.

 Whilst in London he became more and more interested in the contemporary art side of photography moving from the music industry to Arts Council UK backed projects. 

 Preferring to work on an entire series at a time, he is keen to develop and explore each idea within a context of style, thought and process. He is always ready to see where a new area will take him.

 Although his images appear strong and powerful to the eye they do not lack depth of thought. Each series of work follows a strong mission, often to promote inner strength and empowerment of the subject. 

Filled with semiotic discourse and hidden rhetoric, they are often a comment on todays society and its inner complexities.

 Nic currently splits his time between Hong Kong and London, shooting for fashion magazines and advertising, whilst exhibiting his art worldwide.

 Nic end goal is to produce pragmatic works, which are both thought provoking and aesthetically stimulating to the viewer.